SPECIAL Thanks!! by J. Ivy


Man it’s TRULY a blessing to be able to work within your gift, with amazingly gifted people you love, in efforts to put together a project for one of your heroes. When @coodie_n_chike hit me up about writing and playing a role that would allow us to pay homage to #DrMartinLutherKingJr it was jaw dropping. It brought everything around full circle from my days at @richcentralhs where I would study and perform pieces for our #MartinLutherKingJr assemblies. Now he we were prepping, researching, and grinding it out to prepare a film in honor of his 90th birthday. GOD is so good!! Thanks to my brothers Coodie Simmons & Chike Ozah for always believing in me, to the most amazing wife ever @tarreytorae for all the work you do behind the scenes and the beautiful energy you constantly pour into me, to @iammakeda519 for holding us down while producing this film, to the @ncrmuseum for allowing us to film on the balcony of the #LorraineMotel, to @thefirehousetheatre for welcoming us to film the stage play, and to @bet and the #King family for trusting us to create something that would pay tribute to this icon and trailblazer. Thanks so much to everyone who watched and who hit us up to show love for #Martin#LegacyOfAKing! Your support means the world. Thank you #MartinLutherKing for all that you have done for us. You broke down amazing doors that still allow us great opportunities like these. We LOVE YOU!! Check out the wrap video and some of the pics from behind the scenes below. Big S/O to @citizenchance @chrisrobonline for doing an AMAZING job with the music. If you missed it you can WATCH IT HERE AT THIS LINK. MUCH LOVE!! 

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MARTIN: The Legacy of a KING by J. Ivy

Tonight is the night! Be sure to tune in to B.E.T. tonight for the premier of “MARTIN: The LEGACY of a KING,” directed by Coodie & Chike. I had the distinct honor of writing, narrating, and acting in this film and I can’t began to tell you how moved I was to be able to pay homage to one of my heroes, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Please take the time to share in this story and by all means, let’s continue to strive to walk in Dr. King’s footsteps, who has afforded opportunities that we may not have seen without his relentless work and sacrifice. Thank you Dr. King! May God Bless your beautiful soul!!

Next Stop...FAMU!! by J. Ivy


The Allstate Pillars & Poetry Tour has been absolutely AMAZING!! Allstate has provided a beautiful platform for these HBCU students to highlight their stories about their Pillars of Strength - those people in their lives who have lifted them up, encouraged them, and pushed them to be their best selves. It’s been an honor to be the host. I’m looking forward to the next stop at Florida A&M!! LET’S GO!!!

Pillars & Poetry Tour by J. Ivy

What up Good People!! I’m visiting 4 HBCU schools (Tuskegee University, Morehouse, Spelman and FAMU) to kick off the first ever Allstate Pillars & Poetry tour! There’s gonna be music, stepping, and celebrating as students get a platform to lift their voice and lift up those who matter to them – their Pillars of Strength. Become a part of the tour at www.pillarsandpoetry.com and get a chance to join me on stage. Can’t wait to see you there – J. Ivy

Raise Your Vibration by J. Ivy

I'm excited to announce that my new album is complete, but before diving in I wanted to share another visual from my album, "My Daddy's Records: Songs from the book Dear Father." "Raise Your Vibration," which features Yaw and the support of Tarrey Torae on vocals, Marshall Knights on production, Ferrer White on sax, Chris Paquette on percussion, Mike Gallagher on guitar, Chris Rob on keys and the dancing of Queen Simone and Taye Walker, is a rally call to tap into those things in life that will positively effect change in our lives. In this age and time it is so important that we remind ourselves to be conscious of our ability to do more, IF we are vibrating on a higher level. Much Love Good People!! Together let's raise our vibration!! Directed by: J. Ivy & Marco Simmons. Filmed by: Marco Simmons & J. Ivy. Edited by: Hana Mitchell.

This Heart of Art by J. Ivy

I'm SUPER PROUD to be the Resident Poet of the Ernie Barnes Foundation!! For the opening exhibition of The North Carolina Roots of Ernie Barnes, which took place at the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh, NC, I had the honor of performing, "This Heart of Art." Here is a piece of the performance. Much Love!!

&More x J. Ivy x NPR by J. Ivy


It's truly an HONOR to pay homage to our mothers, matriarchs, our ancestors... Much Love to NPR for premiering the video. Click here for the article. And be sure to click like and share...

@nprmusic just debuted the official video for, “My Own Light” by @weareandmore (@ChillMoody & @dtonevic ) ft three time HBO Def poet and Grammy Award-winner J. Ivy (@j_ivy) with production by @jacqconmusic & @jmotone
Special thanks to @jacqui7917 for embodying (and just plain bodying) the role of Ethel Bobcat
Directed by @amlemle
Produced by Panavista Inc.

The Boy Illinois x J. Ivy x PTSD by J. Ivy

I'm proud to be a part of this important message and must needed discussion. PTSD, or in this case, Post Traumatic Slave Disorder, has caused countless cases of depression in our homes and communities. It's an illness that has plagued us for generations. The Boy Illinois wanted to bring light to this topic, bring awareness and healing to our neighborhoods by bringing this issue to the forefront. It was an honor to lend my voice to something I've dealt with myself in the past. Check it out and be sure to share it with your networks. Let the healing begin... Much Love!!

History Channel's Mountaintop Moments by J. Ivy

Truly an HONOR to have the opportunity to pay homage to the GREAT #DrMartinLutherKingJr. Now more than ever his walk and his words are the roadmap to our victory and freedom. “I see...” Thank you to the History Channel for having me be a part of this reflection and dedication. #repost @history #MountaintopMoments #MLK #MLK50

The Oscars x AARP x J. Ivy by J. Ivy

After the success of the first AARP ad, The Rules of Aging are Changing, which aired during programs like This Is Us, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, the NBA All-Star pregame, ESPN's Sportscenter, March Madness, and The Oscars, AARP has rolled out the second ad featuring J. Ivy titled, Take on Today. IF you happen to have missed it, check it out here. 

Another Day by J. Ivy

J. Ivy Another Day -final cover.jpg

"God Blessed me with Another Day!" In celebration of my birthday, 3.03, I'm releasing the first single off my upcoming album. I'm super excited about the album and I'm really looking forward to sharing it with y'all, but in the meantime, download the track HERE on iTunes and have a BEAUTIFUL day!! Pisces in the House!! #303 #AnotherDay

Duke Ellington School of the Arts by J. Ivy

This was a very special day! As a part of a speaker series sponsored by Washington Wizard's young star Kelly Oubre Jr., I was invited out to be a guest speaker at Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C. The campus alone was a site to behold. I couldn't believe the state of the art architecture and sophisticated technology that graced every hallway and turn in the building. Truly breathtaking, truly the perfect environment for education and creativity.

The theater where I would perform was packed with young men from the school and I was set to speak to them about my book, "Dear Father," and the power of forgiveness. It's always a blessing to have the opportunity to share my gift, but this day was extra special because Kelly Oubre Jr. and his father Kelly Oubre Sr. participated with Dear Father Letters, by not only sponsoring the event, but by writing letters to one another and sharing them with the audience. It was a powerful moment and very inspiring. And based on comments and questions from students in the crowd, I know that lives were changed on that day.

A special thanks goes out to the Oubre's, Principal Sandi Logan, Brittany Roberston, to Tia Powell Harris for the introduction to this special place, and to all the young men and ladies that came out, listened, shared their stories, their thoughts, and their art. If any of you are in the area, and are looking somewhere to devote some of your energy and resources, be sure to knock on their door. Much Love Duke Ellington! See you all soon.. J. Ivy