Every Day Is Mother's Day by J. Ivy

HAPPY, HAPPY #MothersDay Weekend to all the mothers far and wide!! You are truly loved and appreciated!! Here is a song from my book/audiobook "Dear Father." It's called "Every Day Is Mother's Day" and features the amazing Khari Lemuel... I shot and directed this myself. Hope you enjoy it! Please #subscribe to my #YouTube page. Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend with your families. MUCH LOVE!!!

OutSide Shot w/ Randy Foye by J. Ivy

Everyone be sure to check out this exciting and inspiring new #podcast by #NBA Veteran Randy Foye. Currently playing for the #BrooklynNets, Randy interviews folks from an array of different backgrounds, who were all long shots, but who all beat the odds. I had the pleasure of writing and performing the intro, which was produced by musician and producer, Aaron Richardson @jsolmusic. Be sure to tune in, subscribe, and share the show and it's episodes. Trust me, each story will move you!! Click here to check it out! 

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