#AJXXXI Film by Jordan by J. Ivy

Good People! The #AJXXXI Chicago Defy City film is now LIVE! Truly an honor to lend my voice to help tell this story. S/O to the Jordan Brand, Coodie & Chike, S/O who directed the spot, DJ Khaled, Jabari Parker, Sonny Parker, Mac Irvin, The Irvin Brothers, Chucki Vision, Dion Dixon, and the beautiful culture that is Chicago. Check it out and be sure to SHARE it with your people!! Much LOVE!! #MichaelJordan

The POWER of Forgiveness @ The Omega Institutue w/ Panache Desai by J. Ivy

What's up Good People!! East Coast and World Wide...if you haven't heard by now, I'll be giving a class along with my friend and phenomenal speaker and teacher Panache Desai about #ThePOWERofForgiveness Sept 9-11 at the BEAUTIFUL Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. If you've already gotten your tickets we're looking forward to seeing you, but if you haven't be sure to click here grab yours and most definitely spread the word! Can't wait to see you all there!! #BreakingTheCycleOfPain #DearFather #DearFatherLetters#OneMillionLettersWritten #OneMillionHeartsHealed #LetsHealTogether

Roland Martin's News One Now by J. Ivy

Set your DVR & tune in to Roland Martin's NEws One Now on TV One tomorrow morning (Thurs 6.15.16) at 7/6C as we discuss Dear Father Letters and The POWER of Forgiveness!! "One Million Letters Written, One Million Hearts Healed." It was truly an honor to be on the show. Be sure to check out the interview, pass the word, write your letter, submit it at www.DearFatherLetters.com, and become a part of The National Dear Father Movement!!! MUCH LOVE!!!


Interview w/ Garrard McClendon by J. Ivy

Tonight at 8pm I'll be on PBS/Lake Shore Public Media's Counter Point with Garrard McClendon! Had a GREAT conversation about the importance of poetry and Dear Father. Be sure to tune in. Much LOVE!!

UPDATE: In case you missed it, check out the video below.

Every Day Is Mother's Day by J. Ivy

I'm SO excited for everyone to see this!! In celebration of my Mother and all Mothers everywhere I wanted to put something together to show my deep appreciation for all that you all do. Some times we limit ourselves to celebrating our Mothers on Mother's Day and birthdays, but with all that I've been through and the undying love and support that my Moms shows on the daily, I'm convinced that Every Day truly is Mother's Day. Please check out the video below and pass to along to someone you love or who this song reminds you of. I put a lot of time and love into writing, producing, and recording it, but I also directed, shot, and edited the video. A special thanks goes to Khari Lemuel for blessing this record with his amazing gifts of song and musicianship and to Tarrey Torae for helping with the vocal arrangement, production, and filming shots when I couldn't do it myself...you're the BEST baby!!

Again the poem is from my book, Dear Father: Breaking the Cycle of Pain, which I adapted into a song for my upcoming Dear Father Audio Book and album titled, My Daddy's Records. The book, audio book, and album, which are centered around the theme of my next book, The POWER of Forgiveness, have been created in effort to promote healing through letting go of our past and the art of writing. That idea sparked the Dear Father Letters writing campaign. The theme is "One Million Letters Written, One Million Hearts Healed." Please visit www.DearFatherLetters.com to submit your letter if you already haven't. And for those who are still fighting with writing your letter, know that there is so much joy waiting for you on the other side of that challenge. Love Y'all Much...Happy Mother's Day!!!

Dear Father Book Concert by J. Ivy

Photo by: Sergio Richardson

Photo by: Sergio Richardson

In celebration of National Poetry Month, this past weekend I had the pleasure of presenting the Dear Father Book Concert at Freedom Hall in Park Forest, a South Suburb of Chicago. To begin the energy felt in this beautiful, intimate theatre was so electric, so warm, so pleasant. It felt like home, so with the help of Tarrey Torae (vocalist), Marshall Knights (bass/musical director), Brandon Collins (drums), Jason Jones (keys), Ferrer White (saxophone), Spike Rebel (guitar), and Tyrue "Slang" Jones (live art) we kicked our feet up and poured our souls out on the stage. This story centered around The Power of Forgiveness has grown so beautifully and it was a true blessing to have the opportunity to tell it on this night. Thanks to everyone who came out to support. Thank you to Freedom Hall for the amazing hospitality. And thanks to all of y'all who sent messages, love, and well wishes for a great show...It TRULY WAS!! And remember to submit your Dear Father Letters to www.DearFatherLetters.com "One Million Letters Written, One Million Hearts Healed... We're getting closer. MUCH LOVE!!!

Photo by: Sergio Richardson

Photo by: Sergio Richardson

Photo by: Sergio Richardson

Photo by: Sergio Richardson

Telly Award Winner!! by J. Ivy

It's been one of those years!! My video #DreamBIG that I filmed w/ @chrisp1 @joshsr @mikemarasco @darrenmillerfilms @cubanq__visuals and recorded w/ #RichSancho @hectordelgado @gregmagers @grahamdogg for my book #DearFather #BreakingTheCycleOfPain just won a @tellyawards in the Book Trailer category!! It's always a blessing to be honored for your work. It's especially honoring to be surrounded by AMAZING people that will put in the work to help your work, message, and art SHINE BRIGHT!! BiG S/O to @tarreytorae @myssmoxie @beyond_words_books @atriabooks @simonandschuster!! LOVE Y'ALL!!!

#poet #poetry #NationalPoetryMonth #FindYourPoetry #award #TellyAwards #TellyAwardsWinner #Book #BookTrailer #DearFatherLetters #OneMillionLettersWritten #OneMillionHeartsHealed #dearfathermovement "...after that dream even BIGGER!!!" 

NAACP Image Award Winner!! by J. Ivy

SO HYPED & PROUD of this moment!! ‪#‎MuhammadAli #ThePeoplesChamp just won an #NAACPImageAward for Outstanding Documentary (Television)!!!!!!! Coodie & Chike have been visionaries and trendsetting creatives for such a long time!! So PROUD to call them brothers and partners!! It was a dream working on something for the GREATEST OF ALL TIME MR. MUHAMMAD ALI!! THANK YOU for all of the INSPIRATION!! THANK GOD for the gift that guides my dreams!! THANK YOU Coodie & Chike for giving me the call about working on this film!! MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!! ‪#‎NAACP‬ ‪#‎ALI‬ ‪#‎CreativeControl‬

History In The Making by J. Ivy

I'm truly PROUD of my heritage. Our grand legacy is such a large part of my make up. And because of that I celebrate who I am and the greatness I come from as much as possible. Black History Month has always been a special time to reflect on where we've been but also a reminder to look ahead to future possibilities. We all have so much potential. And with all the progress left to be made it's important now more than ever that we tap into that potential and make it a reality. We were put here to make marks. We were put here to do something special. We were put here to make change in the lives of others. We were put here to make history! MUCH LOVE!!

The National Dear Father Movement by J. Ivy

What's up Good People!! I hope your year is off to a great start. Things have been moving beautifully on my end and I'm very excited about the things to come. I was especially moved to see this video from my Broad Run High School visit down in Virginia and wanted to share it with you. We're working towards getting One Million Letters Written. I hope this video moves you to write yours. Please share it! And have a GREAT one!! LOVE!! www.DearFatherLetters.com

Ali: The People's Champ by J. Ivy

Tomorrow is the day!! Be sure to tune to BET to check out the newest Muhammad Ali documentary directed by my brothers Coodie & Chike. I had the honor of performing the narration I wrote for this project which was beyond humbling. Set your DVRs!! Can't wait for you to see it!!

Muhammad Ali: The People's Champ by J. Ivy

I am EXTREMELY PROUD & EXCITED to be a part of the upcoming @MuhammadAli  documentary directed by @coodierock & @cozah which will be premiering on @BET and it's the opening film at the @UrbanworldFilmFest Sept 23rd!! As an artist it's always a rush to find new ways to create with your gifts but to be able to lend my talents to someone who means so much to me and our society and culture is beyond humbling. This GIANT of a figure that we call ALI has opened up so many doors and has inspired so many. I could go on and on but I'm just going to say tune in!! I can't wait for y'all to see it!!! #MuhammadAli #Ali #CoodieAndChike  @Variety #Variety #BlackFilm #OpeningFilm #History S/O to @mistyonpointe #MistyCopeland #Art #Poetry#Film #UrbanworldFilmFestival #BET

Emmett Till Tribute by J. Ivy

Today I had the esteem honor of paying homage to #EmmettTill at his 60 yr commemoration ceremony at Burr Oak by performing with @TarreyTorae. It's sad that we're still dealing with the evils that haunt the good of the world but it's so important that we keep fighting. My grandmother took my mother, aunts, and uncle to Emmett's open casket which was seen worldwide. At a young age she was taught and shown what we were up against. She raised me and my brothers with prayers that nothing like that would ever come of us but so many of our brothers and sisters have fallen to senseless hate and violence. We have to continue to lift up love. We have to continue to fight for justice.#BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesHaveAlwaysMattered

Service Works! by J. Ivy

A special thanks goes out to @pointsoflight @citi and @IAmServiceWorks #ServiceWorks for having me host their #Pathway2Progress @VistaBuzz Celebration in #Atlanta at the AMAZING @Ctr4CHR!! If you haven't been to the museum it is A MUST that you visit!! And to all the inductees CONGRATULATIONS & MUCH LOVE!! Your service is more than appreciated!!