J. Ivy "PROMISE" / by J. Ivy

J. Ivy "PROMISE" Directed by: Chris Velona & J. Ivy Follow on twitter: @J_Ivy @ChrispFilms @Joneseti www.J-Ivy.com www.Chrispproductions.com

promise |ˈpräməs| noun - a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that guarantees that a particular thing will happen... In this case, "J. Ivy's video "PROMISE," is a passionate display of commitment to today's youth and the content in which they learn. In this work of art, which is featured on J. Ivy's album "HERE I AM," he uses his poetry along with his music to rhythmically connect and inspire students and students of life to do better. The hook line "I Promise to Be the Best" is not only an affirmation, but also a verbal contract for the youth and all that listen. In this season everyone understands the need for change and sincerity. It is evident that a PROMISE needs to carry weight and truly J. Ivy is a man of his word.

Along with Director, Cinematographer, and Visionary Chris Velona, J. Ivy captures a reenactment of his poetry workshop, "The Write to Live Poetry & Leadership Academy." The video takes place at PS 192 in the Historic town of Harlem, New York. Special thanks to Chris Velona, Arthur Jones, Tarrey Torae, Edlim Ruiz, Molaundo Jones, PS 192, Nicole Parrish, Cam Be, the participating students, Stanley Adams, Katya Lemeshkova and Paradise Shoes. Please pass it on, Share on Face Book and Blogs, and RT on Twitter, to continue the must needed change.