Everything / by J. Ivy

Today I had a great shoot for my song "Everything/There I Go" off of my album and upcoming book "HERE I AM: Then & Now." It's always great hooking up with Cam Be, who is an incredible director, and getting the visuals worked out. And to have Chris Rob, who is featured on the song, fly in from New York made it that much more special. We rocked out for the day shooting at a couple locations and mapping out the storyline. My fam John Shane, Nichelle, Cam, Sumayya, Leonard, Afrika, Jabril, and Jaleel came thru. And Ser Rich got loose with the behind the scenes pictures. I'll be shooting another day in the next week, then it's off to editing. Keep an eye out for it. Check out the "PROMISE" & "WAR" videos in the meantime and look out for the "Shades & Blades" video in the next couple weeks. Much Love! J.I.