CAW in NY / by J. Ivy

Last night I had the esteemed pleasure of being honored at the Creative Arts Workshop For Kids (CAW) 3rd Annual Benefit Gala in New York. This past summer I had the opportunity to work with the students of CAW in Harlem, teaching them poetry and performance techniques. To say the least I was moved by their passion, intellect, and creativity. They truly are leaders to be proud of. Along with a host of others and the students, tributes were paid to those who assisted with the success of this program, a program and New York staple that has been around for decades. So when I say I was honored to both receive this award, I mean it in every sense of the word. I was so moved that I decided to drop a couple of verses for the few hundred that were gathered for the event held at The Atrium in Midtown Manhattan. I was inspired by the essence of the event and moved when they introduced me by showing my “Promise” video.

I would like CAW, Select NY, Brian Ricklin, Julie, Pamela, Tom Lunke, Brooke Stephenson, Jeff Smith, the students, and especially Molaundo Jones, who invited me to be apart of this historic movement. I know I haven’t come close to naming everyone who was/is involved, but know that you are loved. Thank You and see you all next time!!


J. Ivy