Happy Holidays!! / by J. Ivy

What’s UP!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS to YOU & YOURS!! In this new season, I’m wishing you the deepest happiness the world has to offer. Whatever hasn’t been done, know that in these coming moments you’ll find fulfillment for those needs. There’s so much to experience, so much to do, so much to look forward to. For me, there’s so much to write about! I’m currently working on a VERY SPECIAL project titled “LIFE after Life.” This project is an album/book set that I can’t wait to share with you. GOD has blessed it and there’s something magically moving about it. Moving forward with completing it, I’m asking for my people to SUPPORT. Being an independent artist comes with a lot of responsibility and with keeping up with them all release dates often get stalled. THIS ONE CANNOT STALL. I NEED YOUR SUPPORT! If you haven’t purchased my current album “HERE I AM” or book “HERE I AM: Then & Now,” I ask that you do so now on the store page. My goal is to add to the budget already in place so I can release “LIFE after Life” in the spring of 2013. With your help I’ll be able to reach that goal. Thank You in advance. GOD Bless You! And again I wish you a VERY Happy Holiday Season and a VERY Prosperous New Year. LOVE. J. Ivy