PLEASE / by J. Ivy

The world is aware of the issues we have been facing with the rise of deaths in Chicago. Is more than disheartening to see my hometown, my city, go thru this turmoil. And you sit back and wonder "What can you do?" Searching for the answers, you know something has to be done. You know you can't sit back and watch another young life lost to senseless violence. We can't let another heart be broken. We can't let another family be broken. So before another Mother cries over the lost of her sweet child we're sounding the alarm. Let this be a call of action to all, because we are all effected by these tragedies. Recently I linked up with fellow Chicagoan "Slique" J. Adams to record an extended version on his song "PLEASE." I know this isn't the answer, but maybe there's something in this message that will reach out and stop the next trigger from being pulled. Check it out... pass it on... let's dialogue about what can be done... let's conquer this pain. I LOVE YOU!!! Click here to play J.Adams Feat J. Ivy - Please The Unofficial video "Slique" J.Adams ft. J. Ivy "PLEASE"