BC, CANADA!! / by J. Ivy

I can't help but reflect on this past weekend's "Celebration of Self Awareness" Retreat at the Brew Creek Centre near Whistler, Canada. From the yoga classes with Danielle Nagel to the motivation sessions led by DavidJi, to the electric energy provided by the Canadian rainforest and the mountain air, it was such a moving and awakening experience. I want to thank Nirmala Raniga and the Chopra Wellness Center for bringing together an incredible group of people. BIG SHOUT OUT to Majay!! It was beautiful & transformative. I feel blessed to have been able to lend my craft to the experience. Thanks again for the hospitality, the fun times, and the love shown. The energy will move with me always. MUCH LOVE!!

Click Title Below to play video J. Ivy Wood Walk near Whistler, CA