It's A New Day... / by admin

I'm not sure if there are words that can be wrapped around the feeling of waking up and finally feeling free. Yes, I've felt free in my mind and spirit before now, but today is different. Today I feel invincible. Today I feel pride. Today I love my country like never before. Today I feel like I belong. I no longer feel like the step child. I no longer feel like I want to run back home to the Mother Land. After all, this is the land that birthed me. I am a child of America. A product of these States. On November 4th, 2008 something came over me. A very overwhelming feeling. Overwhelming because the entire World felt and shared that same feeling. So many people shared that same elated feeling. That same thought that change can happen. That same thought that this World can be the better place that we have all invisioned before. And at the same time, the entire World took a deep breath...And that's when the tears began to fall. I thought of my Father, whose no longer here, but who used his voice as an on-air personality on Chicago's WVON to instill hope into people. I thought of my Grandfather and Grandmother, who have also moved on, but dedicated so much to my family and the cause. I thought of all those that had come before me. All those who had fought, died, bled, and sacrificed their God given lives for this moment. This moment that they weren't physically here to see. I thought of Martin, Malcolm, Marcus, Rosa Parks, and thousands of others who dedicated their lives to fight for the quest of freedom, and if not for freedom, at least for equality. I thought of Harriet Tubman, who made hundreds of trips to lead slaves to "freedom." And I could see them as they traveled the underground railroad during moonlit nights, as they ran thru swamps, woods, and rivers, trying not to break branches with their blistered feet, hiding out when trouble lurked or when dogs were close on their trail. I could see them, as they ran, walked, and crawled for miles, just so they could feel "free" in a Land that still wouldn't see them in that light. I thought of Africans being shipped to this country as cargo. I thought of Willie Lynch, who subconsciously shackled us, brainwashed us, and split our families up. I thought of the lynchings. I thought of our women being raped. I thought of segregation lines. I thought of our people being hosed down or mauled by vicious police dogs. I thought of not having the right to read or write. I thought about the Father's not being present in their children's lives. I thought of my strong Mother, along with an entire generation of single mothers, who drilled it into me to get an education. I thought of all these things and so much more and I felt soooo blessed. I felt blessed to be alive to witness this day. I felt an enormous amount of excitement towards fulfilling the responsibility that I have as a citizen and as an artist with a voice for these times. I felt determined not to let them or my President down. I felt joy...I feel joy. A joy that I have never felt in my entire life. I am so Proud to be an, I am a Black Man who finally feels like an American. The Dream is alive, and I be damned if I let anyone turn that Dream back into a Nightmare. It's a New Day and I pledge my allegiance to fight for my Freedom every single day...God Bless America! J. Ivy