Latest & Greatest / by J. Ivy

What's up World!! It's been a busy week so far. Monday's "Chicago's House of Hope" was absolutely amazing. 10,000 people showed up to support and raise money for the people of Haiti. It truly warmed my heart to see our people come together for a much needed cause. It was also great to be apart of event where I had a chance to perform a new song called "Hold On" along with Tarrey Torae. Not to mention that Common, Lala Hathaway, Lee England Jr., Shirley Ceasar, Karen Clark Sheards, Bobby Jones, George Wilbourn, Damon Williams, and others did their thang!! Very special shout out to Pastor Jenkins, Rev. Meeks, and everyone who took part in organizing the event. From there it was off to Virginia. The airports were down, so I hoped on the road, fought through a blizzard and made it safely to Lexington, VA. There I had a chance to rock for Washington & Lee University. And when I say they showed love...MAN!!! Thanks W&L...Love yall much. And can't wait to come back...see yall next year.

Now, I'm off to New York...stay tuned!!