FakeShoreDrive Sighting / by J. Ivy

This was posted by Andrew Barber on www.FakeShoreDrive.com...Good looking!! This past weekend, while in NYC, I was able to check out Damon Dash's DD172 and Creative Control compound in TriBeCa. I linked with J. Ivy (who was also in NYC) and lens-masters Coodie & Chike to check out this one-of-a-kind art gallery/recording studio/video production house/hipster haven.

I'd read a few articles on Dame Dash's latest experiment in hip-hop and needless to say I was intrigued. A four-story compound in one of the ritziest areas in Manhattan, where artists come and go and create at their own leisure? Say word? Entertainers such as Mos Def, Curren$y, Jay Electronica and The Cool Kids drop by to cut tracks, film videos and just hang out? And Ski Beatz is the in-house producer? This can't be life.

Here we have some video footage from inside DD172, featuring J. Ivy, Dame Dash and Ski Beatz. Later in the clip I've included a preview of the upcoming collaboration from J, Mikkey Halsted and Twone Gabz, which is set to be featured on J's upcoming project, which he previewed in the studio for everyone.

Dame's a cool guy and this place is ridiculous, so I hope it's able to thrive.

J. Ivy & FSD @ DD172/Creative Control from Andrew Barber on Vimeo.