The GO! Experiment / by J. Ivy

Live from Twone Gabz + Teefa + Sulaiman + The Rocketeers + Mike 100s + Vic Mensah + Mic Terror + J. Ivy

Thanks to all of the artists who participated, Jay iLLa for spinning, Dave Jeff for hosting, the blogs/websites for posting, Casey Bohrnell for filming, Cory @ Leaders for letting us take over his store, and Drew and Raphael for having me get down on the project. It was a lot of fun putting together and watching come to life. The energy in the room the day The GO! Experiment was filmed was like nothing I could describe in words, but it was very memorable. Those that were there know.

The GO! Experiment 2 coming this Spring. Any artists, DJs, sponsors, venues, looking to get down on Part 2 please hit me up.

Hope you enjoyed. Until next time. Fin.

The GO! Experiment - Final Set from The EP Art Brand on Vimeo.