Chicago Urban League / by J. Ivy

I have to send a very special shout out to the Chicago Urban League and the young men of Hales Franciscan High School & Urban Prep Charter Academy. Yesterday, I was asked to be the keynote speaker at YIEP 2010 Youth Business Summit and had a great time presenting as well as meeting a room of great young men and future leaders. I commend you all for being dedicated and wish you well in your futures. Also, I want to send love to all the panelists that attended to lend their expertise, stories, and experiences on what it took and takes to being an entrepreneur in today's day and age. When you see these folks out about be sure to shake their hand: Bianca Alexander, Julia Buford, Whitfield Holmes, Will "Skillz" Seegars, Bryant Thompson, Rev. Stephen Thurston II, and the Master of Ceremonies Q. Scott Riley. March On!