Paying Respects... / by J. Ivy

In the past few weeks we have lost some very dear icons in the entertainment industry. For me I was especially saddened to hear the news of Keith Elam b.k.a. Guru's passing. Thanks to my older brother Virgil and the culture I was surrounded by, I was introduced to Hip-Hip at an early age. But when I ventured out on my own one day to make my 1st music purchase I came across an album, back then a tape, entitled "No More Mr. Nice Guy" By: Gangstarr. No one told me about them or suggested that I pick it up, but when I tore off the wrapping and put the tape in my walkman, I was hyped to say the least. I had stumbled upon a classic, let alone the beginning of a long lasting relationship with the group. The influenced me, inspired me, and motivated me to tell my story over the years and I thank them. I'll never forget Guru's voice and gift of storytelling. He was truly one of a kind. Later in life I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with both Premier and Guru in New York. Both genuine, both were just some cool cats. Guru, again I thank you for your impact on my life and may GOD Bless Your Soul and Your journey..."These are the words that I manifest!"

Earlier this week, we lost one of the most beautiful people the World has ever none...Ms. Lena Horne. From being an actor, singer, dancer, and activist this single lady blazed a mighty trail for young Black women and men. She sang and acted her way into our hearts and she will never be forgotten. Although I've never had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Horne, like many, I feel as though I knew her well. It's safe to say that this fighting spirit inspired us all and she dearly will be missed. Ms. Horne we Love You and may GOD Bless YOU! You are the true definition of Black History and there are so many that would not have become, if there was no you. THANK YOU!!!