J. Ivy presents "Voice of the City" / by J. Ivy

After a very high demand, J. Ivy's "Voice of the City" is returning June 10, 2010 to the Chicago Center for the Performing Arts. This is a call to all Poets, Singers, Rappers, and Artists alike to come and be the Voice of Your City...Whether you're hear in Chicago, next door in Milwaukee, Detroit, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Cleveland and Cincinatti or out East, down South, or out West, you are invited to come and represent Your Story, Your City. The stage is open and early sign up is urged. After the overwhelming response at the last "V.O.C." there will only be so many slots open, so sign up early at VoiceoftheCityList@gmail.com. Also, there will be a special performance of J. Ivy's new work from his highly anticipated album "HERE I AM." It's going to be a fun night, so sign up and get ready to be "The Voice of the City!!"