Happy Black Music Month!! / by J. Ivy

Not confined to, but it is officially Black Music Month and it just wouldn't be right if I didn't say thank you to every Black artist past and present who has reached out and touched the world with God's harmonic gift. Music is what makes the world go round and Black Music has influenced and changed the world unlike anything else known to man. From Gospel, Blues, and Jazz to Rock & Roll, R&B, Soul, Poetry and Hip-Hop our precious music has inspired so many. Children were born because of it, lives were saved because of it, cultures have changed because of it. It has been a force that has driven our economy, effecting millions upon millions with that extra pulse that is often needed. In my opinion Black Music is the world's most precious gift. It is the mother of Michael Jackson, James Brown's Soul, and the Father of Hip-Hop. So cheers to another year of bone felt chills that our music often brings. Cheers to my Music. Cheers to Black Music...I LOVE YOU!!