Back From Aruba... / by J. Ivy

What a trip!! After three amazing weeks and some very long days, I'm back in the Chi catching my breath and getting caught up with my work. The project Art Rules Aruba was truly successful and the final show was a reflection of that. Every discipline; Dance, Photography, Film, DeeJaying, Theatre, Fashion, and Rap & Poetry performed and displayed what they learned in two weeks in a final show themed "I Am," which was thought of by yours truly. The students dug deep and spoke to the people thru their gifts and the sold out audience at Casa Di Cutura was more than impressed. It was a great opportunity and I must say I grew a lot during the time spent there on the Happy Island. The people were more than welcoming and I look forward to returning to my home away from home. Thank you to my students, to my fellow instructors, and to the Pancake Gallery for organizing a historic experience. I'm inspired by you all. God Bless!! For more pics check out Search: J. Ivy