THANK YOU... / by J. Ivy

My album "HERE I AM" is now available on my site and the response has been overwhelming. Last night, despite the thunderstorm that hit the city, we celebrated the Launch of the album at the Shrine here in Chicago. Man, we kicked it!!! So many people showed up with nothing but love and support in their hearts and I thank you all for making this a very special moment in my life. THANK YOU CHICAGO!!!!!! It was great to be able to play and perform the album for my hometown and I'm looking forward to hitting the next stage and the next. There are so many people to acknowledge...I have to thank GOD for the Gift of Life and Words. I'm grateful for every breath, every step, every thought that manifest itself into something that can be felt by so many. To my FATHER in Heaven, GOD Bless You, I HEAR You, and I thank you for staying close to me. Jim Richards Lives On…To my MOTHER, Lady P (Lacy), who could ask for more. You're an Angel's favorite Angel. Your drive and spirit have allowed me grow and mature into an artist that you visualized so long ago. You truly are my Gift! To TARREY TORAE, my GOD, what a WOMAN!! Your Strength, Your Spirit & Spirituality, Your Will, Your genius, Your undying support, Your Intellect & Intelligence, Your Gifts of Song, Voice, Concepts, and Words, Your Positivity, Your Courage, Your Insight, Your Belief in Me, Your Belief in You, Your Desire to make this World better, Your Philosophy, Your Knowledge, Your Wisdom, Your Organization, Your Sexy, Your Beauty, Your Versatility, Your Encouragement, Your Unconditional Love, Your Gangster, Your Laugh, Your Soul is something that was crafted in the depths of Heaven. Appreciation is too cheap of a word to describe you...I couldn't have done this without you...I THANK YOU and I CAN'T WAIT for the WORLD to HEAR YOU...HEAL THEM!!! To my BROTHERS, Virgil and Sergio...You are my strength when you don't even realize it. Thank you both for being the intelligent, loving, supporting, hard nose knuckle heads that you Yall!!! And to Chris Jeff, Dave, and Patrick "Jo Nate the Great" Nalls...yall are the BEST!!! David & Patricia Nalls, Thank You for adopting me as Your own. To all of my family; The Richardsons, The Johnsons, The Nalls', The Harris', I'm proud to be apart of You. To Todd Whitaker & Family; Thank You for constantly being an inspiration! Your Light shines bright and you are the truest example of Family & Love. To Chicago; There is so much I can say about You...I Love my City!! You molded me into who I am and I am Proud to call you Home. I respect you. I appreciate you. I adore you. I want to help make you better, because You, Chicago are not the City of Hate, Chicago is the City of Great...The City of Hard Love.

Collectively I would like to thank everyone who either contributed to the project, attended the event, and everyone who has supported and pushed me further so I might be able to finish this project. Of course, I know this list may be missing people, but I will be adding to this list as I go. I have A-LOT of people to thank and I'm grateful for you all-may GOD Bless You ALL...Justin Brown, Andre' Wright Jr., The Last Poets (Abiodun Oyewole), The Memory of my mentor-The GREAT Mr. ERNIE BARNES (We Miss You!!), The Barnes Family, Marcus Gradney, Yasmine Richard, Autumn Marie, K. Danielle, Andrew of,, Joe Russo (The Shrine),Corey Walden and Mike Anderson (East Wind Productions), DJ Kaos, Lala Jackson, Novakane, Phil G., Naledge & Double O of Kidz in the Hall, Mikkey Halsted, Lewis Williams (Big Bruh thank you for your contribution. Couldn't have finished this without you!), Israel "Izzy" Idonije of the Chicago Bears, Chuck Barrett, Woodie White, The LRG Family, World Wide Wade, DJ Kid Capri, Ronald "Roncue" Alexander, Sammy Silver, Dave Jeff of PHLI World, Dj J Illa, Munson Steed (thank you for your contribution, support, and understanding the vision!! You're a Blessing!), Rolling Out Magazine, Mike Miller and Feesh, Jessica Care Moore, Bean Soup Times, Cam Be, Jonathan Woods, Bryant Thompson from Red Level Entertainment, Christi with an I, Jeff Murry (Night Life Magazine), Lee Majors, Dj Lee Farmer, Larry James, Carissa Parker, Fred Hampton Jr., Sandria Washington, Khari B., Yaw, Twone Gabz, Teefa, Aaron Bunn, Al & Darya Johnson, Sumayya Muhammad, Dex Pierce, Kim Nelson, Coodie & Chike (Creative, Warren Oliver, Kurt Williamson, Chris Velona, Cool as Stan, Nia Fairweather, Paula Argue, Melda Potts, Jason King, Theo & Deena Fowler, The Fowler Family, Julia Bradley, Charles & Christine Kimbrough, Cheryl Johnson, Cedric & Cynthia Richardson, Aaron Richardson, Nate, Jada Russell, Cheeraz Gormon, Emmanuel Christian School, Rich Central High School, Illinois State University, Aunt Sheila and Family, Granville & Portia Porter, THE POETS, Blitz the Ambassador, Amanda Diva, Chris Rob, George Stein, ESQ., Emmit Martin, Michelle Wernick, Mark Fullaflava, Molaundo Jones, Shihan, Malik Yusef, Abyss, Dana Gilmore, Sheila Rasheed, Nez & Rio, Dope Sunny, Reality, Leo Nunez, Dre King, Damion Pearson, Edith Yokely, Matt Nelson, Jaye Jeffers, Sal Dali, John Nubbs, Supreme, Marshall Knights, Marcel Jean, Bernie, Brandon Collins, Mike Gallager, Dillon, Ferrer, of ZZaje', Greg "G-Ball" Magers, Graham Burris of The Attic, Eddie Krakaur of 2 Ton Sound Studio, Jeff Lane of Chicago Recording Company, Brian Brown, Tim Buck 2, Collin Jordan of the Boiler Room, B. Cole, Darrell Braxton of Sphinx Mangagement, Burrell Communications, Mario of WHPK, WVON, WGCI, Power 92, WTTW, WGN, NBC, ABC, ESPN, HBO, MTV, VH1, B.E.T., Commonground Marketing, Mary Datcher, Bryan Mattox, Barbara Allen, Tone Kapone & Shag Nice, Leon Rogers, Beyonce Foxx, Elroy Smith, Debbie Amsden, Luanne Innovative Artists, Semi, Barbara Gueno, Joe Bowden, Mark Gay & Family, Bruce George, Chicago Artists, Devo Springsteen, Stalley, Common, Redstorm, M'Reld, Avery R. Young, Tina Howell, K-Love, Leonard (Shrine), Nashville, Detroit, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Miami, London, New York City, and every other city and person that I've had a pleasure of meeting. I'm looking forward to the next moment!!

In the mean time, please spread the word, add a quick note to your status, tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to GO BUY MY ALUBM!!!

One Love...


J. Ivy