Coast to Coast... / by J. Ivy

Los Angeles was an unbelievable trip. Today alone I wrapped up a shoot for a tv pilot produced and hosted by my girl Daphne Valerius and co-hosted by Vince Allen. Not only was there a in studio shoot on Saturday, but today my schedule was shadowed by the incredible Venus Hart Divine. These are some talented people...look out for the show! I also did a photo shoot with Marcus Moore and Matthew Jordan Smith for "The League of Extraordinary Humanitarians." If you don't will!! That was followed up with a the Fly Poet show at the Savoy...much love to the electric crowd, Paul Mabon, Thea Monyee, and John Hennsley for putting it together. And the Hennessey's Artistry Party featuring Q-Tip, Mc Lyte, D-Nice and the legendary Ice Cube...YES, "Today was a good day!" And that was just today. Now I'm gearing up to head back to the Chi, and as soon as I touch down I'm hitting G.I. Come thru tonight and kick it with me over in Gary, Indiana. It's going to be a fun one!! Copy the url and paste the link to check out the promo video: