Catching Up! / by J. Ivy

Let me take a minute to catch my breath and update you on everything that has been going on. I have to thank everyone who came out to my show at Joe's Pub in New York last week. It was a rainy day, but that didn't stop the people. The show was packed, the vibe was amazing, and I had a ball rocking with the live sounds of The Embassy Ensemble. Special shouts out to Tarrey Torae, Chris Rob, and Jesse Boykins for stopping thru and rocking out with me. Much love to Blitz the Ambassador, James Bartlett, and Rolando Brown for facilitating an amazing night. And God Bless You New York! The support and love is appreciated. I'll be back soon. After getting know sleep, it was off to the airport for my show at Truman State University in Missouri. Much love to the AKA's who brought a brother down, and despite my voice being a little hoarse from a cold, no rest, and going hard at the NY show the night before, I had a great time. My Sister and fellow poet Dana Gilmore put it down, I had some Ruby Tuesday's and a basketball game to watch afterwards, and despite that little propellor "public jet" I had to get on, I definitely kicked it.

The next day it was back to New York, where I headed straight from the airport to Brooklyn for Chris Rob's concert at his church. Like always Chris Rob put it down and everyone who touched the stage went it. Shouts out to Shareef, Tera Michelle, Tarrey Torae, Maurice Brown & Band, Dom-Unique, and everyone else who did their thing. And as for me, I was definitely feeling it that night.

After a long weekend, I got my football on, got some work done on the computer, built with my guy Chris Velona, hit up Creative Control with Coodie & Chike, went to a Logitech/Google dinner, and the week has just started. A lot more has happen but I don't think I can type anymore. If you haven't gotten "HERE I AM" yet...for!! Cop that. I'll holla!!