#PhotoPoem #Misty / by J. Ivy

#PhotoPoem #Misty by J. Ivy

Dedicated to @mistyonpointe

#NationalPoetryMonth Edition

She dances like Ernie Barnes painted her, 

Space bends for her,

Intertwines with her energy,

Density is released,

With ease she defies what can be done,

New framing is hung to fit her,

Grace lifts her,

Shifts her purpose,

Her poise makes noise like the sweetest music,

Her harmony is healing,

She's a flawless feather fearlessly floating in the art she makes,

Each step she takes is on point,

She tip-toes on the strings of our hearts,

She cold wit it!

Her image is frozen to the time she entices,

Reflecting the beauty of millions,

Mountains of mothers adorn her,

Her rhythm moves to the beat of those who have paved the way,

Each move is a movement,

She inspires,

Her elegance is electric,

She shines like the sun smiling at it's favorite star,

She's our star,

A beautiful reminder to dance to the beat of who we really are...