#WalterScott #Hashtagged / by J. Ivy

#WalterScott Written by: J. Ivy

We've seen it time and time again,

A tragic trend,

Tragic ends,

Where our futures have become our pasts,

Black lives being body bagged,

Black names being hashtagged,

Memorialized by protests and news cycles,

This isn't a new cycle,

Since we came off those slave boats,

It's been the same o, same o,

Uniformed and plainclothes,

Fishing for scapegoats and false claims,

Can't explain why they took aim,

Why they pulled all those triggers,

The sick are getting sicker,

The epidemic continues to grow bigger,

Do you just have that much hate in your heart?

Is it that cold?

Is it really that hard?

What orders of hate have you been charged?

What lies have starved the truth?

What imbalance causes bullets to be thrown in the back of Black men and Black youth,


I said,


Maybe I shouldn't scream,

Let me talk to you,

Put yourself in our shoes,

Walk in the pools of our tears,

Our years of having a wicked boot on our throats,

For years,

Our hopes,

Our ideas,

Our culture,

Our language,

Our music,

Our teachings,

Our inventions,

Our families wasn't enough,

You want to take our lives,

You could give a damn about how many of us die,

Just as long as it's not your children,

Your sister,

Your brother,

Your mother,

Your father,

As long as you're not the target,

It's just one less nigger in the streets,

One more trophy for the police,

One more grave for the deceased,

One more time for us to realize our true worth and fight for our future,

Our lives,

Our peace...

Dear Walter Scott,

May You Rest In Peace...