National Poetry Month / by J. Ivy

Good morning, good day, Happy National Poetry Month...this month has been reserved by the government to honor the Poets of our society. I take great pride in being one of those Poets. So many great writers have graced us with their words, their stories, their testimonies and it's only right that we take time to show respect to what we have done. Today I sit here amazed at how far Poetry has taken me. From Chicago to Paris, from Aruba to Alaska my words have literary taken me around the world. Tonight I'll be kicking off my National Poetry Month with a performance here in Anchorage, Alaska. As soon as I pulled into town I came across a moose, so yeah, I'm officially in And that isn't an April Fool's joke...I have a run of shows here over the weekend, so stay tune, and if you so HAPPEN to be in the area, come!! Holla and Peace to the Poets!!