#PhotoPoem "Bathe In GOD's Grace" by J. Ivy / by J. Ivy

#PhotoPoem "Bathe In GOD's Grace" by J. Ivy

#NationalPoetryMonth Edition

I want to stand in the sun and bathe in GOD's grace,

Find my place with each breath I take,

Move on faith,

Land in a peaceful space,

Let my love be seen in my face,

My smile,

My smirk,

My work will have purpose,

I'll surf my waves but find depth beyond the surface,


Because the reward is worth it,

The buried treasures will be measured by the scales of my heart,

I'll catch the breeze with my dreams each time my fears and I sail apart,

I'm a part of the dust forgotten,

My runway is made with grains of unsinkable sand,

My beach is walked on only when I'm too tired to fly,

When I land I stand, 

I dance like the sun and it's sky,

Doing my two step,

My strut is tough,

It's strong,


There's belief in each stride,

Magnetizing the ocean's tide,

As I stroll in the light,

Unapologetically letting my beauty SHINE...