#PhotoPoem #SteppinOn / by J. Ivy

#PhotoPoem #SteppinOn by J. Ivy

#NationalPoetryMonth Edition

Taken@ #MountVernonHighSchool #NewYork

Every step taken builds character,

The climb isn't always easy,

So I lean on the values I've learned,

The stripes I've earned,

Knowing that I'm accountable for every decision made,

Every step made I've had support,

So it's important to me that I return the love,


Strengthen the chain of our unity,

Together we're much more resilient,

When done right our leadership is brilliant,

I was born a leader so I lead,

I'm led by the gift of aspiration,

I always wanted to be somebody...


When it comes to the steps of life,

I always wanted to fair well on my stair well,

So I'm a keep on drivin',

Keep on reppin',

Keep on steppin',

No matter short or long,

I'm a keep on climbin',

Question is,

What are you stepping on?