#PhotoPoem "Your World" / by J. Ivy

#PhotoPoem #YourWorld by J. Ivy #NationalPoetryMonth Edition

If you had the whole world in your hand,

What would you create,

Would you promote love,

Would you outlaw hate,

Would your dominance be demonstrated,

Would you dictate,

Would you destroy the myths that divisions uphold,

Or would set up boundaries and segregate,

Would the verse you write compliment Lauryn and Nas,

If you ruled the universe would your heart be pure like GOD's,

What psalms would you hold in your palms,

Would you rest easy in the hearts of every living being waiting for them to remember their calm,

Remember the joy you birthed them with,

Reminding them of the gift of this precious experience,

Life is mysterious,

Would you allow your children to find pieces to the puzzle,

The jungle can be haunting,

Would you rid away the fear,

Clear paths,

Open doors,

Reveal truths,

Reward the loyal,

The kindhearted,

The selfless,

Would you help the helpless,

Give them a solid reason to smile,

To laugh,

To dance,

To see a new chance in every new moment,

Let em know they can own it,

Hold it,

Make it special and contagious,

If you ruled the world would you save us,

Or rule like a tyrant,

A beast,

If you held the world in your two fingers,

Would you shine your love through it's core,

If the power was all yours, 

Would you bring us peace?? 

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