#PhotoPoem "Point Of View" by J. Ivy / by J. Ivy

#PhotoPoem #PointOfView by J. Ivy

#NationalPoetryMonth Edition

You're the only one in the world with your set of eyes,

Your viewpoint is unique,

It's special to you,

What does your heart project?

What do you digest?

What you looking at?!

When you open these windows to the soul,

These mirrors reflect your vision,

Decisions are made...

Clearly or confused,

You're used by what guides you,

Wipe the cold out your eye,

Clouded choices can be sickening,

Cleanse your view,

Your interpretation has voice,

It speaks when you've translated what you've seen,

Your eyes speak without speaking,

Communicate intention,

The eyes don't lie,

Even when the tongue does,

You have to see your future knowing it won't be what was, 

Your story will depend on it,

What will you pen on it?

Will you squint,

Will you clean your lenses,

Pass your eye exam,

Be wide eyed,

Dilate your perception when your light is exposed,

Will you trust what you see,

Will you flinch when punches are thrown at you,

Will you push through when your eye is blackened,

When you're ego is bruised will you lose sight of your goals,

Will your lows become the picture you paint,

Hate is blinding,

Binding you to an image that will forever be remembered,

Remember what you were put here to be,

Remember you become a reflection of what you see,

A collage of the snapshots your mind took,

When you look inward,

Are you proudly standing on your outlook?