Every Day Is Mother's Day / by J. Ivy

I'm SO excited for everyone to see this!! In celebration of my Mother and all Mothers everywhere I wanted to put something together to show my deep appreciation for all that you all do. Some times we limit ourselves to celebrating our Mothers on Mother's Day and birthdays, but with all that I've been through and the undying love and support that my Moms shows on the daily, I'm convinced that Every Day truly is Mother's Day. Please check out the video below and pass to along to someone you love or who this song reminds you of. I put a lot of time and love into writing, producing, and recording it, but I also directed, shot, and edited the video. A special thanks goes to Khari Lemuel for blessing this record with his amazing gifts of song and musicianship and to Tarrey Torae for helping with the vocal arrangement, production, and filming shots when I couldn't do it myself...you're the BEST baby!!

Again the poem is from my book, Dear Father: Breaking the Cycle of Pain, which I adapted into a song for my upcoming Dear Father Audio Book and album titled, My Daddy's Records. The book, audio book, and album, which are centered around the theme of my next book, The POWER of Forgiveness, have been created in effort to promote healing through letting go of our past and the art of writing. That idea sparked the Dear Father Letters writing campaign. The theme is "One Million Letters Written, One Million Hearts Healed." Please visit www.DearFatherLetters.com to submit your letter if you already haven't. And for those who are still fighting with writing your letter, know that there is so much joy waiting for you on the other side of that challenge. Love Y'all Much...Happy Mother's Day!!!