Raise Your Vibration / by J. Ivy

I'm excited to announce that my new album is complete, but before diving in I wanted to share another visual from my album, "My Daddy's Records: Songs from the book Dear Father." "Raise Your Vibration," which features Yaw and the support of Tarrey Torae on vocals, Marshall Knights on production, Ferrer White on sax, Chris Paquette on percussion, Mike Gallagher on guitar, Chris Rob on keys and the dancing of Queen Simone and Taye Walker, is a rally call to tap into those things in life that will positively effect change in our lives. In this age and time it is so important that we remind ourselves to be conscious of our ability to do more, IF we are vibrating on a higher level. Much Love Good People!! Together let's raise our vibration!! Directed by: J. Ivy & Marco Simmons. Filmed by: Marco Simmons & J. Ivy. Edited by: Hana Mitchell.