Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp / by J. Ivy

This past weekend I had the honor of speaking at @iamSteveHarvey's Mentoring Program for Young Men #SMHF #SHMP in #Dallas #Texas... I can't even begin to tell you how moving and transformative this camp was!! I've never seen 125 young men, amazing young men who have been troubled by their pain, turn around so fast. I had a chance to speak to them and perform for them. I had the opportunity to tell them about #DearFather #BreakingTheCycleOfPain and the #PowerOfForgiveness...emotions poured out, men, great men from the @USArmy, speakers, mentors, and leaders from around the country volunteered to pick them up, to build them up, to put an arm around them and let them know that they are loved, that they do matter, that they have value. This has been the most powerful experience I have ever been a part of and I want to thank #SteveHarvey and the entire foundation for extending the invite for my participation. This was life changing not only for them but for me as well. LOVE YALL!! GOD BLESS YOU!!