TeamEnglewood HS / by J. Ivy

Today I had the opportunity to team up with Tarrey Torae to speak to TeamEnglewood High School's "Girlzing" Poetry/Writing Group. The group consisted of 15 young women who were full of amazing creativity. Prepared and ready, they welcomed the idea of having a make-shift show. Two of the young ladies transformed into the host for the afternoon, introducing the other girls, as they prepared to deliver their poems. And deliver they did. Their writing skills, story telling, and passion to speak the truth was beyond their years. Courageously, they spoke with confidence as they told personal tales. Some were funny, some were heartfelt, but they were all from the heart. It was fulfilling to be able to sit down with them, share some of our wisdom and our talents. I look forward to the world catching wind of these young stars. Keep Shining Young Ladies...Your Poetry Will Change the World!!