Fred Jones!! / by J. Ivy

After leaving Team Englewood we headed to Thorton High School, where we had the opportunity to speak with an amazing young man by the name of Fred Jones. Fred is a member of Thorton's speech team, who recently tied for 1st place in the Regional State Speech Competition while using my poem "Dear Father" as part of his script. His speech coach Javon Smith reached out to us, and after hearing the news, I had to meet this young Poet who decided to use my work. After meeting Fred, I was filled with pride to learn his story, to see his passion for writing and performing, and to learn more about him. Not only is he an amazing artist, but he just received a full scholarship to the University of Iowa. Yes, the young Brother was impressive and focused on his goals. It was truly great to meet with him. I was able to share some of my story and lend some performing tips to a person I believe will lend great change to the world. Now that you know the name "Fred Jones," be sure to keep an eye and ear out for him. He's truly one of the special ones.