Shades & Blades / by J. Ivy

It's my pleasure to share this new piece of work with you. This is my newest video titled "Shades & Blades" from my album and upcoming book "HERE I AM: THEN & NOW." It's always fun to be creative, but when you're able to tie a much needed message to it, it feels that much better. I had the honor of working with some AMAZINGLY TALENTED PEOPLE on this project and I'm THANKFUL for the LIGHT AND LOVE they all brought to this work of art. Below you will find the link and a list of everyone involved. All I ask is that you watch the video and pass it on via facebook, twitter, instagram, telegram, email, blogs, websites, organizations, etc. I truly believe this one will help a lot of people, so let's spread the word People...MUCH LOVE!!

a Camovement by Cam Be & J. Ivy Directed by: Cam Be & J. Ivy. Lead actors: J. Ivy, Nia Fairweather, & Stephen Hill. Children: Jeremiah Smith, Aviyana Kuylen, Macin Benton, & Gabr-Ella Shelton-Smith. Mother: Cynthia Barron. Make-up by: Tarrey Torae. Wardrobe by: Nicole Parrish & Nicole Sallis. Photography by: Jamil Smith. Edited by: Cam Be. Lighting by: Cam Be, Jamil Smith, and Tarrey Torae. Filmed on location in Harlem, NY. Music Produced by: Nez & Rio. Music Written & Arranged by: J. Ivy. Mixed & Recorded by: Greg Magers & Graham Burris. Additional Vocals by: Mario Loving & Tarrey Torae. Recorded & Mastered in Chicago, IL. Special Thanks to Nia Fairweather, The Landis Family, Curtis Smith & Sha-Ella Shelton, and Wayne Arthur.