Legendary Moment / by J. Ivy

LAST NIGHT...MAN, last night was one of those moments that I'll never forget. We found a zone and ROCKED IT SO HARD!! Let me paint the picture...the scene was a warm, but rainy evening in Chicago, IL. The show was set to begin at 7pm. Between the hours of 6-7, people from all over the city, and beyond, began to gather downtown at Buddy Guy's Legends. Despite the weather, which began to rare up right around 6, the people came and the energy was AMAZING!! It was such a great feeling to see so many good folks come out to celebrate the launch of my book "HERE I AM: Then & Now" ...concert styled!! I figured what better way to have a book reading, than to get one of the coldest bands in the land, Chicago's own Zzaje', and 2x Grammy Award Winning Singer Tarrey Torae to back me up. To begin, my guy Dj Kaos kicked it off on the 1's and 2's, spinning some classic Hip-Hop joints to set the mood. KAOS SNAPPED!! Keep an eye out for him. After the mode was set, Tarrey kicked off the show with two of her original songs, "Make Music" and "All Gonna Change," from her album "The Sweetest Survivor" (Available on www.TarreyToraeMusic.com - IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT YOUR MISSING OUT>>>SUPPORT!!). AS ALWAYS, TARREY GOT LOOOOOSE!! Her and Zzaje' SUPERBLY warmed up the stage and the crowd!! After Tarrey finished "All Gonna Change," she slowed it down and introduced THE MAN OF THE HOUR...haha...Yours Truly. It was an honor to take the stage, especially knowing that these moments aren't promised. With a strong sense of pride and joy, I took the stage and LET IT ALL GO... I felt free as I went from poem to song, from song to poem. Zzaje' and Tarrey provided the perfect foundation as I delivered songs from my album, which are in the book as well, and additional poetry from the "Poetically Inclined" section of my book. You can't do anything but THANK GOD when you're able to put words on paper, than later deliver them to a sea of welcoming ears. Every word was felt. Every message was received. Smiles filled the room. Applauds echoed off of the walls. Emotions soared as we touched on issues, dealt with painful moments, reminded ourselves of the happy times that were and that are to come. IT TRULY WAS A CELEBRATION!! We rocked the stage for a good hour and forty minutes wrapping up a nine, ending with a STANDING OVATION from the crowd. "TO BE LOVED, OH WHAT A FEELING!!" What a feeling indeed. The book signing followed immediately after the show upstairs, where I had a chance to sign my book and greet my people. It was one of those moments you dream about sharing with others and to be there in it was such a blessing. I want to DEEPLY THANK GOD. I want to thank Michael Greco and the Good People of Buddy Guy's Legends. I want to thank Tarrey Torae for all of her dedication, wisdom, gifts, talents, and patience. I want to thank Marshall Knights and Marcel Jean of Zzaje' for continuing on this musical journey with us and being the best at what they do. I want to thank Dj Kaos for coming thru and rocking the house. I want to thank Jewel "Lady" Jones, Tina E., Kesha, Patricia Nalls, and everyone else who helped make the operation run smoothly. Thanks to my Mama aka Lady P and my Brother Ser Rich for always supporting. Thanks to Jonathan Woods for capturing the moment. I want to thank Arles T. Jones and Nikita of AJ Photography. Thanks to Jo Nate and Ace Wiz of "RealTalk Chicago." AND A SPECIAL THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT, GAVE US GREAT ENERGY AND SUPPORTED THIS UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT...I LOVE YOU ALL!! AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN SOON... If you weren't there, look out for the footage and don't miss the next one. Until then, head on over to the store (www.J-Ivy.com) and get the album and THE BOOK!!!


Poetically Yours, J. Ivy