3.03!!! / by J. Ivy

My Bday has officially arrived!!! I feel so Blessed to be here to see it... I feel at Peace... I want to thank GOD for this very special life HE/SHE has Blessed me with. The journey has been nothing short of amazing. The experiences have been unforgettable. The lessons are appreciated. The LOVE is beyond words. Thank YOU for being apart of my Life, my Experience, My Story... Now it wouldn't be right if we didn't celebrate. So if you're in Chicago today March 3rd, 2011, come and kick it with me tonight. I'm throwing a show called "Voice of the City" featuring Myself, DJ Jay iLLa, Graffiti Legend Slang, Ms. Edith on Violin, Mikkey Halsted, Redstorm, K-Love, M'Reld, Precise, FM Supreme, Tarrey Torae, B. Cole, Rotimi and DJ K Max!!! It's truly going to be a night to remember...and after the show there's the after party!!! Come KICK IT...Come Celebrate With ME at Room 43 1041 E. 43rd St. Doors open at 7pm!!!!!! And it's FREE!!!!!! LOVE.