What a Bday!!! / by J. Ivy

Man, I can't begin to thank you all for celebrating my Birthday with me yesterday. Last night was beyond amazing!! From the performers: Slang, Ms. Edith, Tarrey Torae, M'Reld, Dayna Lynn, K-Love, Phenom & Dancers, Rotimi, Mikkey Halsted, Dj Jay iLLa, Precise, Dj K-Max, Redstorm, C Note P, FM Supreme, & B. Cole, to everyone who showed up for a PACKED HOUSE, to the Good People of RedBull, to Cam Be, to Nightlife Magazine, to Bean Soup times, Swank Society Radio, WHPK, Red Level Entertainment, Chairman Fred Hampton Jr., & Many More!! The LOVE was overwhelming!! I know I'm Blessed & I thank GOD for the moment...I TRULY LOVE YALL, I TRULY LOVE MY CITY!! CHICAGO, GOD BLESS YOU!! "VOICE OF THE CITY" COMING SOON TO A STAGE NEAR YOU!!