#PhotoPoem #StayOnPoint / by J. Ivy

#PhotoPoem #NationalPoetryMonth Edition

Photo by @chrisp1 

Poem #StayOnPoint by J. Ivy

I'm on point like the sun saying high to sky,

Heat wave,

I see waves crashing,

I'm left asking,

What accidents were meant to happen,

What corrosion was needed,

What plants were seeded with love,

Guard up,

"Stick yo self Tony,"

Macs don't play fair,

Life don't either,

But I'm given hope every time I breathe new air,

Every time I feel the warmth of that flare up there,

I share this space because we weren't meant to be alone,

Homes weren't meant to be empty,

They were meant to be full of life,

Full of grace,

Rooted in love,

My blues won't be muddied like the waters of yesterday,

They'll be clear,





Reflecting the light at the center of it all,

My depth is much deeper than the surface of my sea,

But sometimes you got to stick yo self in order to see,

Remind yo self to surf every tide,

Remind yo self to keep your guard up, 

Stay on point,

And protect the beauty inside...