#PhotoPoem #StreetDreaming / by J. Ivy

#PhotoPoem #NationalPoetryMonth Edition #StreetDreaming

Photo by @noemadnyc #YouSNAPPED!! Poem by @J_Ivy

How high will your sky go,

How low will your low go,

Clouded ceilings,

Trying to find the right angle to catch that feeling,

If I were made of brick my first words would've been,

"I'm building,"

I scrape skies,

Tell them give me my high back,

Don't matter the terror,

My plane won't be high jacked,

We need to bury Murder Ave and Chiraq,

We done killed enough,

Let's project our feelings to where the love at,

Where the love at?!

Maybe they've conditioned our air,

Conditioned our minds,

Looking out of windows trying to position what's mine,

Some folks die only having one view,

I get it,

There's only one you,

You got a band of brothers,

But you only get once chance,

Can't get caught up in a romance with the hood,

It's real easy to forget your good,

Your worth is hanging off of the balcony,

Thoughts of suicide,

You and I can get pass the sickness,

The illness,

@wordspit said we the illest,

You right homie!

The healing comes when we see pass those clouded ceilings,

Victory is all in your perception,

Your depth of feel,

You got to feel every step,

Cause every step is real,

It's honest,

Every breath is life that you weren't promised,

A gift from the heavens,

Look up,

Thank GOD,

I smile filled with reverence,

I'm still pushing,

On faith I'm still leaning, 

Knowing behind every cloud the sun is still beaming,

Eyes wide open,

I'm still #StreetDreaming!!